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33, Panna, Colombia, Oriente Medio
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Ważne detale DaddyWeed
Orientacja seksualnaHeteroseksualny
Wzrost>150cm - 160cm
Waga55 - 63 kg
JęzykiHiszpański, Angielski
Oriente Medio
Włosy łonoweOwłosiona
Co mnie podnieca
Sexy games,i like smart and uncommon people whom I can have a good conversation with and share amazing fantasies, as well as talk and get to know each other.Nice guys who know to respect a woman!
O mnie
Im a cute and sexy girl with a nice personality and cute smile.
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Rude,inpolite and hurry people that thinks if we work here we have to get naked from the first second they join pvt...
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Poniedziałek 22:00 – 00:00
Wtorek 22:00 – 00:00
Środa 22:00 – 00:00
Czwartek 22:00 – 00:00
Piątek 22:00 – 00:00
Sobota 22:00 – 00:00
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Biggest dream

My biggest dream apart from finishing my studies is to know one of the 5 wonders of the Cappadocian world. Located in the Turkish region of Central Anatolia, Cappadocia encompasses four provinces and is famous for its geological formations in the form of "chimneys" or "mushrooms." Therefore, one of the best known activities here is to take hot air balloon trips. The cities are incredible: the houses, temples and even monasteries of some of them, are dug in the rock, and even, some dwellings shared by several families, are found in different levels within a rock, as if it were a building .

"There is no man more complete than the one who has traveled a lot, who has changed his mind and life twenty times."

-Alphonse Lamartine-

Turn on your fantasy!

I want to tease you in all possible ways...

Put your minds at ease, let me show you my best side <3


Regular schedule (COT)

MONDAY:         22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

TUESDAY:        22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

WEDNESDAY: 22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

THURSDAY:    22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

FRIDAY:          22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

SATURDAY:    22:00 Pm / 06:00 Am

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Who collects friends, will always have a treasure...
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And like every woman I love surprises, I think it's the best detail anyone can give you...
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Top 100
Top 100
My greatest desire is to be among the Top of the 100 best, it would be a great support for my life ...
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About DaddyWeed

Hi there guys, Lets take a chance to be happy together!

I`m a cute and sexy girl with a nice personality and cute smile. I always like to dance and shake my booty!I like to dress very erotic and to seduce you to discover all of me. Make me want you and I will get kinky for you .I like to listen to people's problems and also their wildest fantasies and also share mine with them. I like to wear sexy linjerie becouse it makes me feel reall sexy and i also love wearing high heels for you. If u like sexy long nails and luscious lips...i have it! I love giving everyone the best shows, especially my fans!I love my fans! Guys... don't forget to add me to your favorite list :) If you have enjoyed my shows, please remember to vote!

Music for your ears... Just relax and enjoy <3

My interests!

I enjoy art, fashion, good movies...

So-o if you have any favorite movie/tv-show, share it with me! <3

I love traveling, particularly to places that have a certain historical interest or art movements.

I also love to eat and hanging out with my best mates, so when my friends take me somewhere where the food is an experience and I’ll be out of the roof.